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Dear visitor!
   You are on the the reference site devoted to the life and creative work of the singer SANDRA.
   Those people who know her will find a lot of interesting information on the core resources of different countries and their national languages.
   And those who have heard of her for the first time will not remain indifferent to her for sure!
All you need is to switch on her recording and then...    ...This singer will come to you from some utterly unknown lands - from some mysterious country where everything is so harmonious that there is no need to change anything, because if you try to interfere, you'll only spoil it all - there is nothing to improve.
   Everything will be beautiful about her - well, not really beautiful, but rather: somehow right, consistent, appropriate. A perfect harmonious unity of her appearance, her voice and her dress will impress you and will seem unreal to you: she will be almost impossible, almost imagined:
   But you won't see a beauty in the ordinary sense: at first she will seem pretty to you rather than beautiful. But: all the notions of beauty will render meaningless in her presence, because you could not but think, "She IS the beauty".
   She is both clear and mysterious; both near and out of reach; her features will seem European to you but at the same time you won't be able to get rid of the thought that she was born in a south country: there is not a jot of the detached arrogance about her, only warm disengagement and emotionality! She presents her unsophisticated songs to the audience in such a beautiful and perfect way that you will feel: this singer sings not for the sake of money and fame:
   She sings because she could not help singing!
   She is unlike any person and at the same time she bears resemblance to everyone: a fairy-tale princess and that girl living down the street; the first and the last love; a teenager and a mature woman.
   Simplicity and sincerity. There is nothing sophisticated, detached, arrogant and challenging about her - all the things that are so peculiar to the pop super-stars.
   Only femininity and warmth.
   There is no mask on her face - and there is not a singer there on the stage but rather the embodiment of a man's dream of eternal femininity; a vision that tortures one's soul by its genuineness and simplicity...

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